Creating deepfake nudes of celebrities and others has evolved significantly. In the past, making fake nude images required scouring through magazines and using rudimentary techniques to paste heads onto bodies. Photoshop later simplified this process, though it required considerable skill. Now, artificial intelligence has revolutionized this practice, making it accessible to anyone with a few clicks. In 2024, various websites offer deepfake porn generators that can create nudes from Instagram photos, magazine images, or personal pictures. These tools can strip clothes from photos or swap faces in videos with impressive accuracy.

However, ethical and legal considerations remain crucial, as most platforms prohibit creating content without consent. While these deepfake generators offer free trials, premium memberships are typically available for extended use. Despite occasional technical issues, the realism of the generated nudes is often astonishing, marking a significant leap in AI capabilities. This rapid advancement in technology highlights the importance of using these tools responsibly and understanding the potential consequences of misuse.