Every man reaches a point where the homemade sex doll made from garbage bags, bike tires, and old Pringles cans just doesn’t suffice. In the past, a trip to the local sex shop for an inflatable figure or a plastic face with a hole was the norm. But why stick with outdated options? Since the debut of the original RealDoll in the mid-’90s, sex doll technology has advanced remarkably. No more settling for lopsided pillows with printed faces. Today, you can own a super realistic sex doll that mirrors your dream girl.

If you’re investing over a thousand dollars in a high-end toy, you want the best quality for your money. The market is filled with poor deals and scams, but I’ve curated a list of the top sex doll shops worldwide. These shops offer vast selections, numerous customization options, quick shipping, excellent customer service, and the best prices for a doll that’s always ready and never complains.