Modern-day perverts have it made compared to a few decades ago. Back then, if you wanted interactive adult entertainment, you had to settle for the tame antics of Leisure Suit Larry or use your DualShock gamepad creatively while staring at Chun Li’s thighs. Now, you can enjoy hardcore games with full-frontal nudity, explicit scenes, tentacle sex, and fighting girls whose special moves include blinding you with girlcum and sitting on your 16-bit face.

And guess what? There’s a ton of these X-rated games you can play for free. Load up a web-based strip poker simulator while you’re at work, and it’s like you’re getting paid to enjoy adult games. You’ll feel less like a corporate drone and more like a professional gamer and for-profit masturbator.

The world of free porn games is bigger and better than ever, with countless geeks creating interactive versions of their wildest fantasies. However, not all sex games and free online porn game libraries are created equal. You might have learned this the hard way if you clicked on those hentai-game ads challenging you not to cum. (Spoiler: they’re often scams and not as free as they claim.) That’s why I’ve sorted, ranked, and reviewed the best free porn game sites for you. Now, you can find the perfect girlfriend simulator, hentai platformer, or 18+ visual novel without worrying about hidden costs for in-app purchases of dildo swords and semen guns.